Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Kraft Family

Talk about people who don't like their pictures taken! My husband's side of the family was sure fun...It was a hot Sunday afternoon, and everyone was feeling a little cranky. But we pulled it together and got some great pictures in.

And of course, Micky found her way into the middle of things

Dad and Patty

 Last fall, Mom and Dad got a new puppy. Patty is a kerry blue terrier. He looks black in the pictures but is slowly turning grey. His full name is Shamus Patrick McCurry... although we are Scottish, he just had to have an Irish name

Mandy & Dan

Mandy and Dan are another couple I met through work. They are just too much fun sometimes. Mandy was also a bridesmaid at my wedding, so to get to do some portraits of the two of them was good fun for me.

He done caught his prey