Monday, November 7, 2011

Shannon & Ron {Couples} Utah Portrait Photographer

This couple amazes me... I truly don't know how they do it. "What?" you ask! Shannon lives in California while Ron lives in Utah. These two understand that it takes work to make a long distance relationship successful and they have done just that! They fly out or even catch rides to see each other whenever they can, talk, chat and text all the time. They know they want to be together the rest of their lives, but want to be responsible about it so are getting their careers underway first... Good luck you guys!

 If there is one thing these two love is coffee!

Oakley L. {New Born} Utah New Born Photographer

This little guys is so stinking cute its unbelievable! Of course it doesn't help that I am baby hungry myself, but I couldn't get enough of him! We could keep him asleep as long as he was wrapped up in a blanket, but as soon as we would unwrap him he would start to cry... so we thought he still looked pretty darn cute all swaddled up.


Ben S. {Seniors} Utah Portrait Photographer

This kid is TALENTED! From what he and his sister tell me he is incredibly gifted at the piano. I haven't had the chance to listen to him play, but from the way he talks I can believe it. His first round of senior pictures was taken by another photographer at the high school next to a piano...but Ben wanted something a little more "cool" to be remembered by.