Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jessica & Carson {Engagements} Utah Wedding Photographer

This couple might look a little familiar from a previous shoot... Just a couple weeks after shooting the Haacke family portraits, Carson asked Jessica to marry him. I was thrilled to get the call. One word describes this couple... FUN! They are constantly laughing and smiling. If I had an idea for a shot, they were up for it. They are also troopers! Notice the snow in the background and the lack of sleeves on our bride to be... When I asked if she wanted to stop to get warm her response was, "but you wanted to get some more shots." I had to make the call to quit considering she was turning a little purple!

Just being themselves

 Jessica picked up Carson's ring just a couple days before their engagement shoot. She thought it would be fun to propose to him. The problem was... he wouldn't take off the ring once he got it!

Notice who is carrying who...

I got a little nervous as I was standing in the snow and looked down to see what I thought might be the handle of a gun sticking out. I kicked it and found a little toy gun...of course we were going to make it work.

Her favorite pastime is wake boarding and he loves working on cars

She was going nuts having her board but being surrounded by ice.

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