Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jessica {Bridals} Utah Wedding Photographer

This bride is so much fun! She really wanted pillars for her bridals, but when the Utah Sate Capitol building didn't work out, someone suggested we check out the Memory Grove in Salt Lake City. What a beautiful place to take pictures! I also love the personal elements that Jessica is bringing to her wedding...Such as... She is a big time runner, so her wedding shoes are a pair of running shoes. It was also great to hear her talk on the way down that the wedding she dreamed about as a little girl is coming true... How fun!


On your mark...Get set...GO!

This is what happens when Mom starts making too many requests 

I asked her what she was most looking forward to about getting married, and this was her response...

 This dog cracked us up...He jumped in the pond and came out with this rock. He dropped it on the ground but when his owner said its time to go, he picked it back up and went on his way... Something tells me he doesn't want to share!

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